Happy Birthday Wife Meme

23 Happy Birthday Wife Meme

Use any of these amazing happy birthday wife meme to impress your wife on her birthday. Your wife should be the one you love very much, even above yourself, and you have to prove it to her. We have gathered some very nice, funny, Interesting, beautiful memes that you can send to your wife on her birthday to make her feel all the more special. She will appreciate you for all your efforts, and will get the message in these memes. Instead of just saying Happy Birthday like every other regular husband, make yours more fun with the memes we have provided for you.

happy birthday wife meme the office

One our list of funny memes, this is a very good way of making your wife laugh. Send her this meme to both remind her about her birthday and invite her for the pants party at the same time. Nothing is better than a birthday shared in love between two understanding people.

happy birthday wife meme

Even before describing this meme, i laughed. You should expect the same reaction from your wife if she reads this meme. You don’t need to struggle with her if she tells you she wants lots of diamonds, simply smile and tell her you will get it for her. Then you can send her this meme. Trust me, she will find it very amusing.

happy-birthday-future-wife meme

Remember what made you choose your wife, she had the perfect curves and was sexy, make sure you keep reminding her of all these things even on her birthday. Don’t be a regular husband, be a sweet husband and make her smile and love you even more. Make your wife’s day with this meme.

happy-birthday-future-wife meme

This is for those who are engaged. If you have a fiancee and wish to make her happy in two ways then this is the perfect meme. Remind her that she is the one you want to choose as your wife, and also show her that you can never forget her birthday. You will turn out sweet and romantic in her eyes.

happy-birthday-memesfor-wife barack obama

If your wife is a loves Barack Obama, then let him do the talking this time as you can send her this happy birthday meme for wife. Don’t forget that it’s Obama who’s doing the talking and he is also telling her of how much of a hot chick she is. The expression on her face will be very amazing trust me.


Don’t forget to wish your wife a very happy birthday, you can use this meme to give her a good birthday surprise. Also use this meme to tell her that you have gotten her a birthday present, all she has to do is to go behind the stump to get it. Make your wife happy with memes like this.


How about you wish your wife in a more romantic way. Remind her her of how wonderful she is, and how your life became easy when you met her. Remind you wife that she is your Superhero Wife and you will do anything to keep her. Once she see the wonder woman picture, she will understand that you mean what you are saying.

happy birthday meme for wife

Prove to your wife that you are strong man, and that you really love her. Strong men don’t need reminders to remember their wives birthday, they commit it to their hearts. Your wife will be very glad to have you in her life. This meme is a true depiction of how much you love your wife, and care for her birthday.

happy birthday meme for wife squirrel hug

Still make your wife feel very happy on her birthday. Send her a funny meme to make her smile all day, and make her want to be around you. Send her this meme, asking that you hug her, she deserves all the love from you, make her feel special and loved by the little things you do.

happy birthday meme for wife Brad Pitt

If you want something more thought provoking, then you can use this meme. If your marriage has lasted up to twenty years then this meme would be just fine in reminding your wife of how long you have stood by each other. Nothing is more important than love that is mutual, and shared together.


Make your wife feel special on her birthday. Birthdays only come once in a year, and i am sure you want to seize every moment of that day to make your wife special. If she is a cat lover then this meme would also pass as excellent. Make sure you keep making her feel special.


Remember, the goal is to make sure your wife has a nice time, and that she is appreciated. Send her this lovely meme to show that you have not forgotten her birthday and that she is going to have other gifts from you tonight. When she reads this, she would become better, and feel much happier.

funny happy birthday wife meme

Let your wife feel the love you have for her. This meme would send the perfect message to her that she is worth more than anything to you. Prove to her that you can abandon anything for her, and just to make her feel happy. If she reads this, she will understand that she is far too important over your work or training.

crying_guy_happy_birthday_wife_meme forget birthday

If you have ever forgotten your wife’s birthday and had a terrible experience, we sure you do not want a re-occurrence of such event. Send her this meme to make her laugh very heard, and bring memories of how the previous year went when you never wished her a happy birthday

you-forgot-my-birthday meme baby angry

We sure if your wife knows sarcasm enough this is what you are going to get from her. Try not to forget her birthday because you might not be able to live with the trauma that comes afterwards. Your wife deserves all the love she can get, and you can start by remembering her birthday.


Let’s try to start the relationship over, try to prove to your wife that you have not become rusty, and that you still have the flow. Send a sweet birthday message with this meme so she knows that you are still the man she married, sweet and lovely. Be a super husband too.

wife birthday meme forget

We know you can be super busy with work, and trying to get things right for the family but try not to forget your wife’s birthday. She will not be too glad for it. If you see this meme from your wife, just know that you have done something wrong and you should expect the consequences of your actions, so make her feel happy, and proud.

When you forgot your wife birthday

Let your wife laugh throughout the day with this amazing piece of meme. You are the only that can describe what you went through when you forgot your wife’s birthday, she can also understand too because she put you through it. Send her this very funny meme to make her laugh, and also pass the message that you will never forget.


You can send your wife this meme to tell her that her birthday is a special one and that the both of you can enjoy it together. Make your wife feel loved, and try to impress her with things that will make the birthday an enjoyable one. After sending her this meme, you could pull up a surprise on her to make her happier.


If your wife happens to be pregnant during her birthday, this is the perfect meme to send to her. You can send her this very amazing meme to remind her of how lovely she is, and also poke fun at her face that she is pregnant. The idea is to have fun with your wife and make her day a beautiful one.

my wife's face after i only gave her flowers on her birthday

Your wife has been your partner for a long time and she understands you by now. Tease her with this meme, reminding her of how she had a priceless expression on her face when you gave her flowers instead of other gifts. She will be amused by the meme, and might demand her gift from you. Hehe.

husband-remind-birthday-meme for wife

This is a wife birthday meme that could be sent to you by your wife once you don’t remember to wish her a happy birthday. Your wife wants to be loved, and she would appreciate it if you remembered her birthday on time. This meme should always remind you of the pain they feel when you don’t wish them on time.

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