Happy Belated Birthday Meme

40 Happy Belated Birthday Meme

Use our carefully selected list of Happy Belated Birthday Meme to wish anyone who should have wished but due to some reasons you forget. Don’t forget, it is better late than never. You can still redeem yourself if you are able to pull off a good belated birthday wish and also show that you are sorry for forgetting such a wonderful person on his/her birthday. Make sure you do the needful, we must have become busier these days, or if you are not so good with dates, you can still make them feel less angry at you for not wishing them a happy birthday with our list of excellent belated birthday memes.

belated birthday meme

Instead of showing that you are sorry right away, you can joke around a little with your friend by using this meme with trump in it. If your friend is one who hates Trump and his Guts, you can spice up the atmosphere a little, and plead your way to forgiveness.

belated birthday meme minions

Use this minion meme to say to your friend that you are sorry about forgetting their birthday, and also tell them that you are sure they can miss yours and you will not be mad at them. This meme is a perfect way of pleading with your friend that missing his/her birthday was not intentional.

Inspirational Late Birthday Meme happy belated birthday meme mem

This next meme is for anyone who you forget to wish on their birthday without having to do any extra explanation. It doesn’t matter if you knew about their birthday late or you just totally forget. Send this meme to still wish anyine even though it’s past the actual day.

belated birthday images meme

If you forgot your boyfriend, or husband’s birthday, then this is an excellent Happy Belated Birthday Meme for him. You know you can ease the tension in the atmosphere by sending him a meme like this. He should giggle seeing the reason why you missed his birthday.

belated birthday funny star wars

If there is just that one friend that you must surely wish a happy birthday no matter how long you have forgotten. This is the best meme you can send to them. It’s hard to keep numbers on your head, we make mistakes but then you can send this meme to make amends.

belated birthday funny cat

This is also for a special person you must wish a happy birthday. Even though you do not send happy belated birthday to others, you can send them this to prove to you that they mean so much to you, and you are ready to do anything to have them to stay happy with you.


This is just a random happy belated birthday meme you can send to your friends that you forgot their birthday. This meme works better when you have friends that understand you and also like to share a drink with you. Have fun.


This meme is to your partner, you know you are wrong for forgetting their birthday. But you can soften their resolve a little bit by sending them this meme, calling them sexy as you wish them a happy belated birthday. Nothing beats trying to make up for mistakes.


If your friend or your partner is a fan of Steve Harvey. Then you can send them this simple belated birthday message to still wish them even though it is past the actual date already. You can send this to anyone, and they will understand.


Send this cute cat meme showing how sorry and cure you look. You should tell them how sorry you feel to miss their birthday, but try as much as possible not to forget next time. Make up for the mistake you have made this time.


If there is someone whose birthday you had in mind but still missed it. This is the perfect meme to explain how you really feel. Before your friend tells you they can’t believe you forgot their birthday, you can quickly explain to them that you do not believe yourself that you forgot.


A little something from the penguins of Madagascar. If your friend is a fan of the cartoon, then you can use it as an advantage to yourself to help calm your friend very fast. You should be forgiven when this meme is seen.


You know how you would scream when you realize you forgot your best friend’s birthday. This is the most accurate meme to capture that feeling. Send it to them to show that you care about them and how you really feel miserable not remembering.

late birthday meme

This is another beautiful one from the Don Equis man. If you have forgotten and still wasnt to add a little humor, then you can send this meme, making it seem like you are still in charge, but you still love the one you send it to.

late birthday meme funny

This meme actually looks like a surprised Koala. Send it to your loved ones showing how you feel shocked that you miss their birthday. Do not only send this meme, but send another one too, wishing them a happy belated birthday.

hey girl happy belated birthday

Another great Happy belated Birthday Meme for her. If you missed your mother’s, your girlfriend’s, or any other important female close to your heart. You should let them see that it is very glaring that you love them even though your forget.


This is a simple happy belated birthday message for anyone around you who you wish to tell a happy birthday but have forgotten. It is essential fo you to still make up even after being late. Send this meme to show remorse.


Speaking or remorse, you can send this meme to your loved one with the cute dog eyes making it look like how you would look in person too. You should be able to convince anyone with this cute dog meme, and win a forgiveness.


Remember Trump’s favorite line? “you’re fired” well let this be the case with you too as you send your friend this message. You know you are busted by not wishing your friend or loved ones, on time. So make up for your lapses by wishing them a happy birthday.


This meme is very nice in making sure that you pass on a funny message while you are pleading to be forgiven for forgetting your loved one’s birthday. Remember that you should be able to plead, and correct the mistake. It has happens to the best of us.

happy late birthday meme the hoff sends his best

From the Hoff himself, you can send this meme to your loved ones if they are a big fan of Hoff. Even if they are angry at you and you know it, memes like this are known to make people a lot less angry. So go for it, and make people happy.

happy late birthday meme pet

Humor is something that can make you gain your forgiveness faster. If you want to make a joke about what made you forget the birthday, you can send this meme that says you were wrapped in a tortilla and see how well your luck plays out.

happy late birthday meme batman

If you have a friend that you know fits this description on the meme, then you can send it to them. This meme describes your friend who doesn’t mind if the wishes come late but will not stop taking gifts. This is a perfect meme to ask for forgiveness.

happy late birthday cat

Try to act a little bit smart by telling your loved one that you have forgotten their birthday, you only wish the best for them and they deserve the best so you can wish them even after their birthday. This is a perfect meme to act like nothing really happened and it was deliberate.

happy belated birthday to the first lady

If your wife likes Trump or wishes to be the next first lady of America and you forget her birthday, you can send this meme to make her calm down a little and remind her of her dreams to become the first lady. She will smile upon reading this, but it might not last if you keep forgetting her birthday.

happy belated birthday meme chuck norris

Are you both fans of Chuck Norris? then send this birthday meme to your loved one telling them that things are not so good with you forgetting but promise them to be there for them next time. And make sure you make them realize it was not a deliberate act.

happy belated birthday meme cat

Another cure cat meme you can send to your loved ones if they love cats. The message here is simple, you forgot the birthday, but the cat expresses how sad and shy you feel for missing the birthday and try to make amends with this meme. Things will get better with beautiful memes like this.

happy belated birthday images

If you are looking for a funny happy belated birthday meme, then this is the perfect one to send to your friend or relative after forgetting their birthday. Remember that his meme will only make sense if you are the one in the shoes of the person telling the joke. Make sure you make them laugh in spite of being forgetful.

happy belated birthday images how i can forget you birthday

Add this meme to your list of funny belated birthday memes. If you have forgotten the birthday and still don’t want to go all out stating that you forgot, you can simply make a joke out of it claiming that Aliens made you forget their birthday. Trust me, it would spark up laughter.

happy belated birthday images cat

If your friend is a cat lover, they surely cannot miss this adorable meme with a beautiful cat, and sorry eyes. The message here shows that you are late and sorry about it. You can send this meme to make sure you show how sorry you are.

happy belated birthday funny

Make your mistake filled with humor. Tell your loved one that you made it intentional to wish them late so that you have the best spot at telling them a happy birthday. This will make them smile, and they will love you more for having such humor and accepting you forgot.

happy belated birthday funny trump the mexicans will pay for the cake

For those that have a friend that certainly hates trump, you can send them this funny meme saying that the Mexicans are responsible for making you forget and they will also pay for the cake. You can be sure to have a good laugh from your friend after seeing this.

happy belated birthday funny dog

A simple way of telling your friend that you are sorry but still care to know how the birthday went. Send them memes like this to show that you still care, and even though you missed it on the actual day, you still want to know if he/she had fun.

happy belated birthday funny cat

Seems like we are having a lot of cat pictures today, and you know why? Because they are the best pets to show remorse with. Send this meme to your loved one and make them know how sorry you are for not remembering their birthday. You should be forgiven at the right time. Haha!

happy belated birthday Chuck Norris

For those who have friends that are big fans of Chuck Norris. This is an excellent meme you can send to them to tell them how Chuck Norris helped them through another year, and how they should still have fun even though your wish is coming late.


Another very simple happy belated birthday meme to send to anyone who you have missed their birthday and want to make up. Send this very simple meme to anyone who you feel you need to wish even after you must have forgotten their birthday initially.

funny happy belated birthday

Memes like this should be sent to the people who you really don’t have to say any extra word too. Maybe a colleague, or you got to know about a birthday late, you can simply send this meme to show that you care and that you are aware of the birthday, extend your greeting too to the birthday child.

funny happy belated birthday key nad peele

If you have a friend that bears the name Antone, you can send out a more specific meme to them with their name on it. This will make the meme more personal. Just make sure as much as you keep sending belated wishes, you should try not to forget next time.

belated birthday memes dog

Just like a sad pet dog, ask for forgiveness from your loved one with this meme. At the same time you should ask for your forgiveness so that you can be on speaking terms with your friend or loved one. You know they expect so much from you, try not to ruin things by forgetting next time.

Luxury Happy Belated Birthday Meme happy belated birthday meme f

Instead of saying you forgot again, this is a witty way of saying you are wishing your friend or loved one a happy birthday a day earlier than everyone else in the next cycle of 365 days. Memes like this are priceless and will make your loved one or friend loosen up and forgive you.

belated birthday memes better later than never

And finally, while making sure you still wish your friend a happy belated birthday, make sure you send them this meme to make them realize you still care and wanted to still send your wish despite being late. It is better to send the wishes late than never send it at all, little things like this can ruin big relationships.

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