Game of Thrones Birthday Meme

18 Game of Thrones Birthday Memes

Our game of thrones birthday memes are excellent for you to wish your friends, family, and colleagues a very happy birthday. You should understand who loves the series and send them a birthday wish in style. Instead of just saying “Happy Birthday” you can carefully select from our list of memes the most appropriate one for them. Help them have a good laugh as they get their wishes from their favorite characters. It could be Jon Snow wishing them, or Lannister, or even Deanerys, or Cersei. The goal is to reach their minds as you wish them a blissful birthday with the game of thrones birthday memes.

game of thrones birthday memes

On this special day, your friend’s, relative’s or colleagues birthday, wish them a very happy birthday, and prove to them that there is nothing you cannot do for them. Using a simple message from Jon Snow, telling them you would climb a wall just for them. Make your loved ones happy with this meme.

Game Of thrones Happy Birthday meme Dothraki

A special message from Drogo himself to your loved one. Tell them how you are excited about their birthday, and to do this, you will be sending them their message in a different language, Dothraki. Your friend, or relative will have a very good time looking at this meme.

game of thrones happy birthday meme John Snow

This is the theme of all Game of Throne seasons. I’m sure your friend or colleague who is a fan will understand in an instant. Winter is coming, no scrap that, Happy birthday to you. Do not be a regular guy, add some more fun to the way you wish them.


Right from the Lannister family, wish your loved one a very happy birthday. Make sure the Lannister is your friend’s best character. Simple memes like this means you care so much about them and what they like. Let the birthday be filled with fun, and laughter.

game of thrones birthday memes Tyrion Lannister

Add some sense of humor to the way you wish your friend a happy birthday. If you have been doing it the same way each year, dare to be different this time with this meme. It simply expresses how you want to wish your friend but you are just too drunk.

game of thrones birthday memes funny

A message from Daenerys. Tease your friend just to see how they react when you send them a meme like this. It is funny to tell them “oh you’re still alive” make sure it’s your very close friend so they don’t think you want them dead and take it personal for trying to be funny.

funny game of thrones birthday memes Tyrion Lannister

If you have a friend who just turned 18, then this is the perfect meme to send to them. Advice them to start drinking on their new age. Add some humor to the way you wish your friends. Trust me, you would get some of the most amazing reply you can ever think of.

funny birthday meme game of thrones

This is a funny way to tell your friend, or relative that you did not forget their birthday this time. IT has been on your mind, and you did not forget like the last time.They will appreciate you for it, and it will make them love you a lot better than before.

funny birthday meme game of thrones have a blast

Daenerys is loved by a lot of people, i’m sure your friend is also a fan. If you want to wish your friend with his/her favorite character, then you can send a meme of Daenerys and her dragon, wishing your friend a fun filled birthday. Make sure you tell your friends to have a blast with this game of thrones happy birthday meme.

keyword: game of thrones happy birthday meme


It’s your loved one’s birthday, but then it’ a time to be merry and have fun. Send this meme to your friend inviting them to come and have some fun with you and your other friends. Have a time, and have your friend join you in making the most of the birthday celebration.


A funny birthday meme game of thrones that can be sent to the your friend is this. If you have your friend, family or colleague’s birthday coming up soon, then this is the ideal meme to send. It is something you can do easily with yourself and your friends. make sure your friend is happy on this day.


Right from the midget, you know this is birthday message is for your guys. The guys in your clique will understand immediately. Send this message to wish them both a happy birthday, and a couple of other things. Like more girls, more wine, and more wins.


Send this meme with Samwell in it. This is an absolutely accurate meme to describe how you feel when your friend tell you to come to a birthday party. You know you are going to have as much fun as possible. Make sure you Send this meme to your friends so they know how you feel.

happy birthday meme game of thrones

We just spoke about the expression you would give when you are invited to a party. This is the completely opposite look you would give if you were not invited. Send this meme to wish your friend a very happy birthday even though you know you will not be invited to the birthday party.

happy birthday game of thrones meme yolt

What we know is YOLO which means you only live once. But with Jon Snow its YOLT you get a second chance to life. Send this amazing meme to your friend and make them smile. If your friend is a great fan of Jon then you get to make them even twice as happier.

happy birthday game of thrones meme just here for the cake

This is another great happy birthday meme game of thrones that you can send to wish your friend or family. You can send this special and short message from Lannister, telling your friend that you are only ready to eat the cake. This meme will definitely make them laugh hard.

happy birthday game of thrones meme jon snow

A wonderful message to your friend who is a fan of Jon Snow. The message is simple but very descriptive. Your friend will get the hang of it, if he/she is a true fan. Wish them a happy birthday with Jon Snow but then, he can’t because he doesn’t even know a thing.

happy birthday game of thrones meme for her

This is a birthday message to your sister. If you have a sexy sister and you know it, then you can send her this meme. Tell her how sexy she is, and make it seem like a mistake, like you meant to say sister. She will understand and love you even more. Nothing beats love from family.

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