Cat Birthday Meme

31 Cat Birthday Meme

Use any of our cat birthday meme to wish your loved ones a happy birthday. There are many people who love pets, and a cat is one of the most loved pets apart from dogs. Make your friends and family feel better with our cat birthday memes. There are lots of cat memes you can select from to suit different situations. We have from funny, to witty, to short and concise messages. It totally depends on who you are, and the person you are trying to send the message to. Don’t just wish like a regular person, add some more fun to it with our memes.

cat birthday meme

This is an easy way to wish your friend or your loved one a happy birthday with a cat holding a cake. It’s a simple message telling them that you are not there but you wish them a very happy and awesome birthday. This is simple and straight to the point.

cat birthday meme for sister

This is the best meme you can use to wish your sister a very happy birthday. Explain to her how much you love her and she deserves all the best with this meme. Make the birthday wish a little more funkier than how others would have made it.

tequila cat meme birthday meme

If your friend is a fan of drinking, then this is the ideal meme to send to them. You can send this meme describing how much he/she likes to drink, and wish them a very happy birthday at the same time. You can also tease them szying, no more tequila.

thinking cat birthday meme

This is an excellent birthday meme to send to your loved one telling them how much they have been in your life and how much more you will still think about them. They are the only ones you think about even after they have gotten all the birthday wishes.

smart cat birthday meme

This is a Happy birthday cats meme to send to any of your loved one. The message is quite funny. All you have to do is wish them a happy birthday, and tell them where you left their birthday gift. That’s right, In the Litter box. Spark up a little laughter with your friend.

ribbons cat meme

Sarcasm is the best way to communicate these days. You can see from the meme that you are sending just ribbons to your friends for their birthday gift. This is hilarious, especially if you can actually do it in reality. Let your friends have fun with this meme.

party cat meme happy birthday

This is a straightforward meme with a simple message. Wish your family or friend a happy birthday with this meme. If they love cats then you have done twice the job by wishing them and also making them happy seeing the cat. Make them have fun.

happy birthday meme crazy cat laday

If you have a female friend or a sister who is obsessed with cats, this is the perfect meme to send to them to show them how you think about them and the way they love cats. You will send them a good signal of love, and they will appreciate you for it.

happy birthday meme cat yolo

Yeah, that’s right, You Only Live Once, that’s the motto. So tell you friends this word, YOLO. It’s a one time thing, and help them see how much fun they are meant to have in it. It is very good to have them enjoy their time, it’s just one life. Happy birthday.

happy birthday cats

Wish your friend with one of our cute cat memes. Let you friends understand that you are excited about their birthday and you want to know if they are as excited about it as you are. Let them realize they are loved, and you want the best for them.

happy birthday cat in the garden

This is a cute cat meme for wishing anyone who loves cat a happy birthday. The message drives in home better when you have something very appealing like this cat. The message is simple, happy birthday, enjoy it. Those words mean a lot.

grumpy cat meme birthday

This is one of those funny birthday memes with an angry looking cat. Wish them a happy birthday and tell them not to look at you. You love them regardless, but your face might not be showing it at the moment. Birthday wishes like this are very cute.

grumpy Birthday meme cat

If you have a friend you will like to tease, you can send them this grumpy cat birthday meme. You can send it to them that so they know you remember their birthday but you will not just add the happy to it. This is for very close people who understand themselves,

funny grumpy cat birthday

This is a sad but tru meme, it is also a very funny way to wish your friend a happy birthday. Instead of telling them a happy birthday directly, you can send them this meme to remind them that they are a year closer to their death. It is a thought provoking meme.

funny cat happy birthday meme

A very simple birthday cat meme to the one you love. The meme describes how much you love your friend or relative, as you can see, it’s this much. To a large extent. Wish them a happy birthday in a very simple way. Make sure you let them have fun.

funny bithrday cat meme

This is a meme that describes itself. Your friend must definitely be a lover of cats to appreciate this meme. Let the message be from you and the cat to your friend or relative celebrating the birthday. Memes like this have a way of drawing a smile on their faces,.

funny birthday cat meme

A birthday is never complete without a birthday hug. Use this meme to wish your loved one a happy birthday, at the same time give them a virtual hug. You can make it more fun by giving a real life hug to your friend or relative. Make things interesting.

cutest happy birthday meme

Play with words with this meme. Tell your friend to have a happy birthday, and have a marvelous day at the same time. Make them have a good laugh with your meme, remember that the goal is to make them happy and wish them a happy birthday too.

cute happy bithday cat meme

From a cute cat to your loved one. Wish them a happy birthday with a short and simple message. Tell them you want them to always smile and be happy on their birthday and beyond. This is make them smile immediately, trust me it’s beautiful.

crazy cat lady meme birthday meme

Do you know any one who is a crazy cat lady? then this is the meme you need to send to them reminding them that as they grow older, they are a step older to becoming a crazy cat lady. Just make them have fun and enjoy their day with this birthday cat meme.


If your friend is trying to hide from you on their birthday and you are sure about it. You can send this meme to them stating that you know what they are doing. Send it and see how they respond back. You can use this meme to tease your friends or relative.

cat eating cake birthday meme

If you have made your friend a cake on their birthday and don’t want to say it with mere words, you ca send this birthday cake meme to tell them. A happy birthday wish always goes along very nicely with a very sweet cake, and you can make that possible.

cat birthday gif

This is our cat birthday gif that you can send to your friend or relative. Let’s get the birthday party started with our cat DJ playing some very nice tunes. Trust me, this would be funny, and very much appreciated when your cat-loving friend sees it.

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