50th Birthday Meme

28 50th Birthday Meme

Celebrate your loved ones with this 50th birthday memes and make them very happy. If you have senior, you will understand what it means to have lived life through 5 decades. They used to be young, but they are aging everyday, Make them feel very safe and happy with the collection of memes you can send to them. It doesn’t matter if it is your grandma, your grandpa, your mom or your dad. they need to experience true love and you can start by putting a smile on their faces using our awesome collection of memes for those celebrating their 50th birthday. We have also the funnniest collection of 60th birthday meme here.

50th birthday meme dead pool

Here is a simple way to wish your grandma, grandpa, mother or father a happy 50th birthday. Send them a meme with love to make them feel loved and help them smile throughout the day. If they are dead pool’s fans then you can expect them to laugh even more.

turning 50 meme old people

Let your granny, grandpa know that you have gotten everything sorted out and that the party is meant for them. Send them this funny 50th birthday meme to give them the understanding of how you love them and how every other person loves them. Make their day fun,


Pretend for a while that you forgot that on your 50-year old grand dad’s birthday you wished him a happy 49th birthday and see his reaction. Now try to do the same for your granny and see observe her response too. You will understand why women never want to have their birthdays missed.

New Star Wars Happy Birthday Quotes happy 50th birthday meme

Wish your elderly ones a Happy birthday with this simple meme. Make them feel love and prove to them that you have not forgotten their birthday in any way. The best moments in your life must have been shared with them, make them feel special too.

keep calm it's your 50th birthday

No meme is ever complete without the keep calm meme. Tell the whole world to keep calm because someone very special to you is having a 50th birthday. Be the first to send it to that special person, only for them to realize how special they are, and how much you mean to them.

happy-freakin-50th meme

Surely, anyone who is 50 years old will be very familiar with the legendary wrestler Ric Flair. Make your grandparents or parents proud by sending them this amazing meme with greeting from Flair himself. They can only get happier being reminded of one of the best youthful days they had.

happy birthday meme 50th

No matter the condition your loved one is, we always have a meme to help them celebrate their birthday. If you have a senior citizen who uses a wheel chair, you can send them this meme to show that you love them regardless of their condition, and you want them to have a wonderful time.

happy birthday meme 50th trump

If you have a grandparent that doesn’t like to Donald Trump in any way, then this is the best meme to send them. You should stand around a corner and watch how they react when they see his picture alone. Let them get the message that you really want their birthday to be worth it, because they are 50 now.

happy birthday 50th meme yoda star wars

If the one celebrating the 50th birthday is a fan of star wars, then you can use this amazing Yoda meme to wish them a happy birthday. It is not a small task to be half a century years old, so wish them with all your heart and make them happy.

happy birthday 50th meme Prince

If its your dad celebrating his 50th birthday, you can send him this dad 50th birthday meme to express your love for him. He should be reminded that you love him, and that you also did not forget him on this special day. Be the first to send him a message and make him happy.

happy 50th birthday meme star trek

Here is a great meme for your loving parents who are always very conscious about hazards and safety. If they are thinking there’s fire in the house, just tell them to put the extinguisher away and blow the candles on the cake with their, and have them make a wish on their special day.

happy 50th birthday meme funny squirrel

Make your dad or mum laugh at the sight of this meme. This is a funny meme that should send them a good message of how you want them to have a good day, and stay out of trouble. This meme will also help pass a message that their day should be special and not painful.

happy 50th birthday cat meme funny

This is the 50th birthday meme for all the cat lovers. Send a special birthday message through the cat for them to smile more. Let them know that the day is going to be all fun and excitement. Let the cat do the greeting this time, and let it just make them smile and be happy.

happy 50 birthday meme funny Bill Cosby

How about a Bill Cosby meme to start the day with. If you have a 50 year old celebrating his/her birthday and is a fan of Cosby, then you can send them this meme to give them a special greeting from their favorite celebrity. Remember, the other message, you must get them the drink too.

funny 50th birthday meme steve harvey

Well Well Well. Let us do a tease on the 50th birthday meme for her. If your mum or grand mum is having her birthday, let’s pretend we thought it was her 49th birthday. But don’t do it alone, let her favorite celebrity Steve Harvey help you with the task. Trust me, memes like this make people laugh and become very excited.

funny 50th birthday meme oliver queen

If your loved one celebrating the 50th birthday is a friend of Green Arrow, then you can send this wonderful meme, where he is wishing them himself without the mask. Make sure you make the day special for your loved one, it is little things like this that make the day very special.

funny 50th birthday meme horse

This is a hilarious one. If you want to wish your loved one a happy 50th birthday, let them hear it from the horse’s mouth. Send them this stunning picture of a horse saying happy birthday in a very interesting way. This meme is excellent to make them wear a smile in their cheek.

funny 50th birthday meme for her

A message from the unicorn man himself. Wish your loved one a very happy birthday using this meme. If they are a fan then you are sure to receive a warm “thank you” in return, and if not, then tease them with this birthday meme and make them have a good laugh.


No birthday message could be any clearer when you want to wish your loved one a happy 50th birthday from Dolly Parton herself. The first message you can send them is to wish them that their birthday will be as colorful as a coat of many colors. Let them have fun and relax.

Dirty 50th birthday meme rick james

Instead of cakes, we are going to be having pancakes on your birthday. This should be the caption you send to your loved on as you send this meme. If they love pancakes, then this meme will be very appealing to them. Love is one thing that must be shown on birthdays, well and pancakes too, haha!

dad 50th birthday meme

This is another beautiful one you can send as a turning 50 meme to your loved one. Tony Stark would be pleased to help you tell them that you love them very much and can help them remove the fire from the candles on their cakes without water. This is an excellent meme to just show love, and make them happy.

alicia_happy_50th_birthday_meme for her

Let’s make the birthday even more fun. How about a shopping spree for a birthday gift? Send this meme to your loved one if you wish to taker her out shopping. It could be your mum, your dad, your grandparents, just name it. Make sure they feel loved by you on their birthday.

50th birthday meme older sister

If it’s your elder sister celebrating her 50th birthday, you need to use this meme. Your sister is your partner in crime, right from childhood, so it would be best to remind her that you still love her as much as when you were young. Don’t also forget that you are reminding her of the age difference between the both of you.

50th birthday meme golden years

It’s not an easy task to live for 5 decades, you must have gathered a whole lot of experiences and seen life from a totally different perspective. Send this meme to your loved ones welcoming them into the golden years, It’s a celebration of 50 years after all.

50th birthday meme for him sexy beast

There are certain people who just never grow old. Age is never a disturbance to how beautiful or sexy they look. If you have a mum or sister or wife who still looks good at 50 then this is the perfect meme to send to them. They will be thankful and at the same time be very happy that you noticed.

50th birthday meme for him barack obama

Here’s a message from one of the greatest presidents. Wish your loved one a happy birthday, for seeing it through 50 years, and also give a toast to 50 more years. Memes like this are priceless they make you want to live more because of the amount of love you feel from people.

50th birthday meme for her

If your husband is about to celebrate his golden year, you can send this 50th birthday meme for him. This meme will make him smile very much. Little memes like this with a very little message are the things that make life worth living. Help him become better and enjoy every moment with you.

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