30th Birthday Meme

We have gathered a list of the best 30th birthday memes you can use to congratulate anyone having their birthday. We understand how it is that you have loved ones around you who grow older, and you would want to wish them in the best way. You don’t have to think too hard on how to go about it. You can simply take some of our fun, exciting, interesting memes, and wish them a very happy birthday, in a way filled with humor. Trust me, they will love you for it, and you will make them smile a lot better.

happy 30th birthday meme friends

If you are familiar with the TV show FRIENDS, then you must know this meme. If you have a group of friends you roll together with and one of them is turning 30, you can send them this meme to wish them a happy 30th birthday. Anyone who remembers this scene will know what it’s like growing up.

happy 30th birthday meme eat some beacon

Do you have a freind that love to eat? then this is the perfect meme to send to them wishing them a happy birthday first, then telling them what to eat on their birthday, Bacon. Memes carry a better expression that you would have in real life. It’s up to you to make things better for your friends.

happy 30th birthday meme danny glover

Make your friend have a good laugh with this meme. It always feels like there is still time until you hit the age. Send this meme and make your friend realize that he/she has turned 30 and is growing really fast. A museum would be the best place for him/her to have fun.

happy 30th birthday meme big bang theory

Here is another very exciting meme from the big bang theory that you can use to wish your friend or family a happy 30th birthday. This is a meme that expresses good luck and cheerfulness, as well as telling a good joke to your friend. Wish them all the best in grand style.

happy 30th birthday meme dog

Wish your best friend or relative a good birthday wish with our excellent happy 30th birthday meme. Use this funny meme to tell anyone who is celebrating their birthday, that you really love them and wish the best for them. If the person happens to be a dog lover, then you know you will be appreciated.

happy 30th birthday meme assemble

This is another way of being the first to wish your friend or relative a happy birthday. You know for sure that 30 is a perfect age and there will be a party, so be the first to remind your friend about his/her birthday and also get ready to attend the party.

funny 30th birthday meme

You know what comes with growing up? More responsibility. This meme accurately explains what you get being a 30-year old. It means more friends marrying, more baby showers, more hangovers. Wish your friend or family a happy 30th birthday with this meme.


This is a serious meme you can send to those of your friends who are always serious. If you have a friend that questions everything, then you can send him/her this meme for him/her to have yet one thing to question again. But in all let them understand you love them and that you wish them a happy birthday.

almost-30-years-birthday meme

We all have that one friend that never wants to grow old. If you have one of such friends then this is the perfect meme to send to them reminding them of the type of lifestyle they have, and congratulating them on their new age as well. Don’t forget these memes are just for laughs.


This is a good 30th birthday meme girls can use for their friends. Guys can equally use this meme to tease their friends too to tell them they don’t realize they are now 30 years old. The beautiful thing is for them to enjoy the rest of their day with you making them happy.


This is a 30th birthday meme for him, that one special man in your life that you know never wants to get old. We are all meant to grow, but if you have someone that doesn’t like the idea of growing up, then you can send this meme to poke fun at them that they are growing old.

Simple Happy 30th Birthday Meme

This is a very funny meme to send to your friend if you want to really tease them. If you want to make fun of your friend and tell them they don’t look so great then you can send this meme to tease them and see what they respond you back with.Trust me it’ll be fun.

30th birthday meme simpson

This is for the ones who love the Simpsons. As we grow older, we tend take more risks, and seek more adventure. Share this meme with your friend who you know is always ready to try out new things. Make your friends happy sending them specific memes that speak about who they are.

30th birthday meme nerd

Send this meme to your friend for the sake of humor. Instead of wishing a regular happy 30th birthday message. Birthday wishes are much more fun when you add humor to it and this meme is an excellent one to help carry the message. Always wish your loved ones in the best way you can.

30th birthday meme lords of the rings

If you have a friend that is 30 years old and still looks as stunning as a 20 year-old,This is a perfect 30th birthday meme for her telling her how wonderful she looks even as she grows older.Memes like this spark up more love and appreciation in ladies.

30th birthday meme funny steve harvey

Tease your friend a little by sending him/her this meme. You should expect a shock from them when they see 28 but you really meant to wish him/her a happy 30th birthday.the whole idea is to make your loved one’s birthday fun no matter how it is approached.

30th birthday meme funny pulp fiction

This is another interesting meme you can use to wish your loved one a happy birthday welcoming him/her to the club of 30’s.I trust it will be greatly appreciated as he/she will understand how nice it feels being a 30 years old.It is also a way of giving your loved one a shock but they’ll realize the fun in it.

30th birthday meme funny happy

If your loved one is a lover of cats,here is the perfect meme to use.you can use this meme to wish your loved one a happy 30th birthday especially if they love cats and feel very comfortable around them.This can also help to wish your loved one a happy birthday in a funny and interesting way.

Happy Birthday Meme Birthday Elegant of 30th birthday meme for him

This is another nice meme you can use in preparing your friend or loved one for his/her coming 30th birthday.It helps in communicating the need to get ready for becoming a 30 year old as it explains the responsibilities and new development that comes with becoming a 30 year old.

30th birthday meme funny cat

Have you ever thought of a 30th birthday meme funny enough to make your friends laugh?This is the most suitable meme to be used.make your loved one’s birthday a funny one by playing around with your words.For the cat lovers, this also very useful and interesting.

Best of 30th Birthday Quotes Funny For Men 24 best images about

This is another excellent meme you can use to tell your loved one how awesome he/she is.It also serves as a meme used to tell how important they are and you make them feel special. Let the 30th birthday they celebrate be a symbol of their awesomeness.

30th birthday meme friends

Do you have a friend that is too scared about becoming older? send them this meme to remind them they are getting older. At the same time, wish them a very happy birthday, and promise to give them a drink to help them forget that they are aging. The humor is all you need to make them feel good.

30th birthday meme for fim

Now this is another very funny meme you can use to poke fun at your brother, or friend. Send them this meme to make fun of them that they have been with their parents for so long that the are now 30 and will need someone else do to it for them.Make sure you don’t make them feel bad, only loved.


To make your birthday message to your partner, friend, husband, wife or anyone have a very good effect. You can send this meme that describes how you feel about them. Sometimes too many words might not be able to describe what you have in mind. A simple message telling them they are awesome is always wonderful.


Just in case your friend tries to play smart and doesn’t want to tell you his age on his next birthday, you can send this meme to tel him you know how old he is. This is for friends who really like themselves and like to joke a lot. You can show how much you know your friend and how you truly care.

happy 30th birthday meme thor

A message from one of the strongest Avengers to your loved one. Tell them how strong they are, and wish them a very happy 30th birthday. Make sure you put a smile on the faces of the one you love. Memes and an excellent text to follow will always do the trick

happy 30th birthday meme the office

This is the kind of meme to send to those witty, and smart friends you have. If you know someone who is always talking like a geek, or who is a geek then you can send them this meme. They will appreciate that you are also trying to be geeky and want to make them happy. You might be the geek too. Haha

happy 30th birthday meme richard pryor

This meme is for the men who have a beautiful wife and want to remind their wives of how gorgeous they still look even at 30. She might be growing older but she definitely has the beauty glowing more and more. Let your wifefeel happy and love with this meme.

happy 30th birthday meme leonardo dicaprio

This is to friends who share a common interest. If you have a long time friend and would like to remind them of the good old days then you can send them this meme. Nothing beats a birthday celebrated with the ones who truly know you, good friends and family members too.

happy 30th birthday meme funny

A simple birthday message to whoever you want to send it to from Steve. Just wish them a very happy 30th birthday, and make sure you do the needful too. Send them gifts, write something nice for your friends. Have fun and have the best of the day.
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